Taking the Unknowns Out of Concrete

  • Cream


  • Salt & Pepper

    Salt & Pepper

  • Aggregate


3LEVELS is Kaiser Tile’s newest KollecTion. Based on feedback received from architects and designers seeking concrete-look porcelain tiles–specifically the three exposures that real concrete can take on (cream, salt & pepper and aggregate)–without the uncertainty that real concrete can place on one’s design. For example, an aggregate design for existing concrete whereby the aggregate is at the bottom of the slab causing extra unknown expenses to get the desired look. With 3LEVELS, the authentic look of CREAM concrete, SALT & PEPPER concrete or AGGREGATE concrete can be determined at the beginning of the design process.

3LEVELS is a collection of tiles selected for the purpose described within each series. Each series in the collection is separate and distinct from the others as sizes, textures, thickness, descriptions, etc. between each are unique to each series and not to the program as a whole.