In the Limelight

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AUTORE is the newest collection from Ceramiche Caesar with a glorious comeback story. This tile turns the spotlight onto Venetian terrazzo floors, amongst the most original and renowned creations in the history of Italian craftsmanship. It rewrites and retells a tale made of love for material and of skill, with today’s language.

A porcelain stoneware collection that captures the eye, by virtue of its richness of details and facets, and presents itself as a candidate for becoming a new contemporary design classic.

Built Main

Concrete has characterized and given shape to modern times. It has stepped into the new millennium as a protagonist to leave its indelible mark in architecture. BUILT porcelain stoneware is the interpretation of concrete beyond its main function as a building material. It becomes a new manner to decorate interiors. BUILD is the expression of contemporary style.

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Built Catalog

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